Let the 2015 runDisney Season Begin!

We would like to wish you all a VERY Happy New Year!

2015 runDisney Season

With that, let the 2015 runDisney race season begin!


January 7-11, 2015 – Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend

January 15-18, 2015 – Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend

February 19-22, 2015 – Princess Half Marathon Weekend

May 1-2, 2015 – Expedition Everest Challenge

May 7-10, 2015 – Tinker Bell Half Marathon Weekend

September 4-6, 2015 – Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend

November 6-7, 2015 – Wine & Dine Half Marathon Weekend

November 12-15, 2015 – Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon Weekend



Best Walt Disney World Resort Pools

Vacations at Walt Disney World usually include a lot of time on-the-go as you explore the theme parks. During your runDisney racecation, you may be spending a little more time relaxing than usual. That may mean spending more time at the pool!

Best Walt Disney World Resort Pools

Here is a look at a few of the best pools at the Walt Disney World Resort hotels!


Disney’s Yacht & Beach Club Resort

Best Walt Disney World Resort Pools

Stormalong Bay is such a great pool area, it could almost be called a water park! There are close to 3 acres to explore, including a sand-bottomed pool, water slide and even a lazy river. Even the littlest swimmers have their own play area, including their own water slide.


Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

Best Walt Disney World Resort Pools

The Nanea Volcano Pool continues the theme of the Seven Seas. With a water slide, poolside cabanas and a view of Cinderella Castle, the magic is all around. If you are looking for more relaxation, head to the Polynesian East Pool and enjoy the sounds of the islands.

(Note: The main pool area is under construction through spring 2015, and construction will follow after in the quiet pool area.)


Disney’s Wilderness Lodge

Best Walt Disney World Resort Pools

Nestled in the serenity of the pines, the Silver Creek Springs Pool offers one-of-a-kind views. The pool actually starts as part of the Creek inside the resort! Enjoy a trip down the water slide, or follow the smaller kids to their own pool area. If you want a quieter feel, head toward the villas and enjoy the Hidden Springs Pool.


Disney’s Port Orleans Resort – French Quarter

Best Walt Disney World Resort Pools

Doubloon Lagoon is the only pool that includes a water slide shaped like a sea serpent! The feel of Mardi Gras continues throughout the pool area, including the kiddie pool, poolside bar and whirlpool. Guests of both Port Orleans resorts can enjoy this pool, as well as the pool at Riverside.


Disney’s Art of Animation Resort

Best Walt Disney World Resort Pools

The Big Blue Pool offers something that no other pool does – underwater speakers! Dive in and listen to familiar sounds from your Finding Nemo friends. Along with this zero-entry pool, there is a splash and play area for the smallest swimmers. The resort also includes two more pools, themed after Cars and the Little Mermaid.


No matter what Walt Disney World Resort you stay at, the pool continues the theme of the resort. This allows for a unique experience every time! Be sure to take in the surroundings near the pool areas, from playgrounds to music. There are a lot of ways to relax and enjoy the pool during your runDisney vacation!

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runDisney Training – Keeping the Injury Away

While training for a race, it’s normal to feel a few muscle aches and pains. However, there is one thing all runners fear – injury.

runDisney Training - Keeping the Injury Away

The last thing any runner wants is to be sidelined, during training or during a race. So how do you keep injury away? Here are a few of our tips!

Listen to your body. This is without a doubt the MOST important. You know your body, therefore you know when things aren’t quite right. If there is an ache or pain that is abnormal, stop. While it isn’t easy to halt training for a few days, that may be all it takes. If the pain continues, visit your doctor. You don’t want to make things worse!

Get fitted for proper shoes. Whether you are new to running or a veteran, you need to make sure you are running in the correct shoes. By going to a running specialty store, you get one-on-one attention as your gait and stance are evaluated. Having the right shoes can keep injury away. Be sure to find out their return policy, as many stores will let you try them for a week or two and return them if they don’t work!

Take care of the small pains right away. Especially as you ramp up the mileage, you may find that your muscles and joints are a little more tender. As long as the pain is not substantial, items such as compression gear and KT Tape can keep things rolling as you run. KT Tape has videos for multiple applications that many runners use – from shins to knees, IT bands to shoulders. Apply the tape as directed and that could be all it takes!

Remember to RICE. Rest, ice, compression and elevation. If you are finding a specific area hurting a little more than normal, apply RICE therapy. Take an extra couple rest days. Make sure you get some ice on it. (Only 15-20 minutes at a time.) Get out the compression gear and elevate.

Evaluate your running form. It is very possible that your running form could be the culprit! Especially as you get more fatigued, your running form may start to suffer. Take a quick evaluation to see how your form is holding up. Keep your shoulders down, strike mid-foot and stay upright.

runDisney Training - Keeping the Injury Away

It cannot be stressed enough – listen to your body, especially as you increase your mileage. The small aches and pains are usually easy to handle, however you don’t want to make something worse. If you are worried, a trip to the doctor is well worth it!

Our friends at KT Tape were kind enough to offer a giveaway! Enter below for your chance to win a roll of KT Tape and keep your injury away!

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Throughout these blog posts, we will cover all aspects of training from our own personal experience. Please note that we are not medical doctors, personal trainers, registered dietitians or in any way qualified to give individualized recommendations. If you have something you would like us to address, please send an email to info@runnersguidetowdw.com!


Packing Tips for a runDisney Challenge

Packing for a destination race can be tough. Not only do you need to make sure you have virtually anything you may need before, after or during the race, but you also need to make sure it gets to your destination! (Or fits in a carry-on.) Add in multiple races and it may seem daunting.

Packing Tips for a runDisney Challenge

Here are a few of our packing tips for the multi-day runDisney challenges!

Separate it out. While you may be able to pack for one race easily, it gets easier to forget something when there are multiple races involved. Buy some large Ziploc bags and separate items out for each race. This way you know you have everything you need (from fuel to socks) for each race! Not to mention, it makes the night before a race a whole lot more simple.

Bring multiple pairs of shoes. No matter what challenge you are running, be sure to bring at least two pairs of shoes. That way, if it rains or if your shoes are rubbing your feet wrong – you have a back up pair. Just make sure you train in the shoes you bring as well!

Expect the unexpected. While the weather forecast may look one way a few days prior to the races, weather can change quickly. Even though you may never need it, bring gear for any weather – rain, cold, humidity, you name it. Yes, it means packing more, but if some crazy weather comes along – it’s better to be prepared.

Double (or triple or quadruple) everything. For these multi-day challenges, you need to make sure you have enough of every running item. Socks, clothes, fuel – the list goes on and on. Make sure that you have enough for each race by doubling, tripling or quadrupling everything (depending on the number of races you are running). And when it comes to the necessities, bring more than you think you will need. Too much is better than not enough when it comes to runDisney challenges!

Take a look at the Expo vendors. While you should absolutely bring the shoes and clothes you have been training in (remember – nothing new on race day!), there are some items you can purchase at the Expo to lighten the luggage load. Look over the Official Event Guide and see what vendors will be at the Expo. You may be able to purchase your fuel, Body Glide and other small necessities at the Expo, instead of packing them in your luggage.

Don’t forget your chargers. With multiple race days, your electronics will be getting a lot of use! Make sure that you bring your chargers for EVERYTHING – phone, GPS watch, external battery, iPod, camera, etc. The last thing you want is for one (or more) of your electronics to run out of battery at the end of the first race!

Bring recovery items too. It’s very easy to focus on what you will need for your race days. However, don’t forget to bring items to help you recover in between the races as well! Compression gear, foam rollers, Biofreeze – pack the gear that helped during your training. And if you are running more than two days, bring extra!

Packing Tips for a runDisney Challenge

Soon all of the training and packing will be worth it when you cross that finish line multiple times! (Don’t forget to sign up and receive our FREE runDisney packing list!)


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runDisney Training – The Need for Speed

Once you begin training for your first race, the goal is just to finish. Get a few races under your belt, and your focus may change a little. It’s very possible you may find that you want to beat your previous time. That’s right, you may have the need – the need for speed!

runDisney Training - Need for Speed

So how exactly do you increase your running speed? Here are a few tips on getting started!

Have a solid running base. It is highly recommended that you have a running base of at least 3 weekly runs for around 6 months. This means that your body is used to running and is more likely to handle the increase in speed. The key is to make sure that your body is ready – no one wants to be on the sidelines due to injury!

Add in speed bursts. During one of your normal runs, add in short speed burst. Sprint to the stop sign. Add a speed burst to the next driveway. They don’t have to be long, just get those legs moving! Be sure to add in a warm up and cool down mile as well, allowing your leg muscles time to acclimate.

Run those hills. It’s true – hills are speed work in disguise! Not only will the hill repeats strengthen your legs, they will also make you faster while on the level road. Find a hill nearby and run up and down it once a week.

Head to the track. After you have gotten used to adding in speed bursts or hill repeats to your training plan, it may be time to take it to the next level – the track! A local track allows you to work on various speed intervals like 400 m, 800 m, etc. The most popular is the 800 m intervals (thank Bart Yasso!) and is a great way to gauge your upcoming race time. No track? No problem! You can use a treadmill or fairly flat stretch of measured road as well.

Get some rest. While it may seem counterintuitive, rest is essential in getting faster. When you add in speed work or hill repeats, your legs will be tired. Make sure you are giving them the rest they need in between runs, and possibly even an extra rest day. Listen to your body – it knows when it needs a break!

runDisney Training - Need for Speed

While runDisney races aren’t always the race to get a personal record, getting faster is a great goal to have. Find a local race and show that the hard work was worth it!

Throughout these blog posts, we will cover all aspects of training from our own personal experience. Please note that we are not medical doctors, personal trainers, registered dietitians or in any way qualified to give individualized recommendations. If you have something you would like us to address, please send an email to info@runnersguidetowdw.com!


Holiday Gift Guide for Runners

It is very possible that on your holiday gift list includes a runner. It may be someone you train with, someone you have met at a race or even your neighbor. Here is a look at our holiday gift guide for runners – 2014 edition!

Holiday Gift Guide for Runners


Without a doubt, runners put the most time on the road while training. From shoes to clothes, fuel to music, there is a lot that goes into the training miles. Here are a few of our favorite items for training!

Holiday Gift Guide for Runners

KT Tape – Throughout a training cycle, runners may experience a few aches and pains. KT Tape is a great option to help keep some of those pains at bay. This stretchy athletic tape is applied in a certain way to allow your muscles to work properly as you run. Even better, it comes in a ton of great colors, making it an accessory to your running outfit!

TuneBelt – Especially for those long runs, having music or something to listen to can help tremendously. Not to mention, bringing your phone with you during a run is yet another way to stay safe. TuneBelt offers a variety of products to help you carry your phone with ease. (Note: Use code MagicalFriends20 for 20% off!)

iTunes Gift Card – During training (or in preparation for race day), creating a great playlist is a must! Get your runner an iTunes gift card so they can pump up their playlist with some of their new favorite songs!


Race Day

After all the training, it’s time to take a victory lap! For many runDisney runners, it’s a time to dress up and have fun. Take a look at our favorites – especially when creating that runDisney costume!

Holiday Gift Guide for Runners

Sparkle Athletic – Whether it’s part of a costume or if your outfit just needs a little sparkle, Sparkle Athletic has great options! From sparkle skirts to tank tops, adding sparkle is easy. There are also sparkle visors, shoe accessories and even capes!

Run with Perseverance – Sometimes the extra boost that runners need during the race is a mantra. Run with Perseverance offers tank tops with great mantras, from famous quotes to Disney-inspired creations. You can even have tank tops custom made with your runner’s name, favorite quote or more!

PaceBands – It’s true, runners can get quite competitive with themselves. If your runner has a goal time in mind for their upcoming race, a PaceBand is a great way to keep them focused while making sure they are on track. These silicone bands have even split times for many half marathon and marathon paces. It’s a great stocking stuffer too!



Whether it’s a PR or a new race distance, you need to make sure you recovery properly. Here are a few of our favorite recovery items!

Holiday Gift Guide for Runners

ProCompression – Keeping your muscles from swelling is needed after a hard race or run. ProCompression makes socks, calf sleeves, leggings and arm sleeves to keep runner muscles happy after a run. They even come in great colors to accessorize during a race! (Note: Use code BLG14 for 40% off!)

ShowerPill – After a longer distance race, you may be a little sweaty. (Okay, maybe a lot sweaty.) ShowerPill makes athletic wipes that allow runners to freshen up quickly after a race or run! These are easy to pop in your bag check bag, or even have a spectator bring along for you.

Foam Roller – It’s true, runners have a love/hate relationship with foam rollers. However, they do a great job of getting the lactic acid out of muscles, keeping runners in great running shape! From travel size to rumble rollers, there are many to choose from.



Every race or milestone deserves a wonderful celebration! Take a look at a few of our favorite ways to celebrate.

Holiday Gift Guide for Runners

Project Repat – If the runner on your list has been racing for awhile, they may have quite the race shirt collection. Project Repat takes those race shirts and creates a blanket out of them! It’s a great way to keep the memories of your shirts, without them lying around in a closet.

Sport Hooks – Runners do love the bling they get after a race! Sport Hooks creates fantastic medal holders that allow runners to display their medals with pride! With lots of designs to choose from, you are sure to find one that fits your runner’s personality.

Spa Gift Card – After putting in miles and miles of training followed by a great race, runners deserve a little pampering! A gift card to a local spa or massage is a fantastic way to let your runner get in a little rest and relaxation.


Sharing in the holiday cheer are TuneBelt and Run with Perseverance! They have graciously offered a giveaway for our wonderful readers.

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