New Balance Running Trails at Walt Disney World

Even though most of us head down to Walt Disney World for a runDisney race (or four), there may be a time when you visit and a race is not involved. There also may be the need for a quick shakeout run before or after your big race. Thankfully, Walt Disney World has many fantastic running [...]

Recovering after a runDisney Race

After crossing the finish line of a runDisney race, there is sure to be a big smile! The excitement continues as you get your medal, grab some refreshments and see your family and friends. Yet as you continue on with your day, you may notice the race catch up with you. That's right, the soreness [...]

runDisney Training: Online Coaching with Krissy

Disclosure: Megan is using Krissy's coaching for her upcoming Walt Disney World Marathon. While she did receive a discount on the package, all opinions are honest. When it comes to training for a runDisney race or challenge, you may need a little extra assistance. While someone can't do the training for you, they can be [...]

runDisney Training: Fueling for Long Runs

As you start to ramp up your mileage, a new aspect of training begins to emerge. How do you fuel? For those training for a half marathon or marathon distance, this can be a very difficult thing to manage or even know where to start! First and foremost, remember that everyone is different. What works [...]

Jeff Galloway 13.1 Race Weekend GIVEAWAY

To those who participate in runDisney races, the name Jeff Galloway should be very well known. Not only is he the official training consultant for runDisney, he also is an Olympian, author, running coach and much more. Yet most runDisney runners know him because of his training method - the run/walk/run. In December 2014, Jeff [...]

runDisney Training: The Importance of Sleep

Disclosure: Megan was sent a Garmin Vivofit to review from Verizon Wireless. It will be returned upon her review completion. As always, all opinions are her own. When it comes to training for a runDisney race, we focus on a training plan. We work on mileage. We figure out our fueling. We may even work [...]

runDisney Training: Balancing Work & Training

Disclosure: Megan was sent a Garmin Vivofit to review from Verizon Wireless. It will be returned upon her review completion. As always, all opinions are her own. You've signed up for your next runDisney race. You've entered your training plan into your calendar. You are ready to tackle the training! Then it hits you - how [...]

eCoaching with Jeff Galloway

Many runDisney runners know about Jeff Galloway. He is an Olympian, the official runDisney training consultant and an all-around great guy. Not only can he be found at the Health & Fitness Expos (both in the speaker series and to chat with in the runDisney booth), he also runs almost every runDisney race, usually with [...]

runDisney Training – Keeping the Injury Away

While training for a race, it's normal to feel a few muscle aches and pains. However, there is one thing all runners fear - injury. The last thing any runner wants is to be sidelined, during training or during a race. So how do you keep injury away? Here are a few of our tips! [...]

runDisney Training – The Need for Speed

Once you begin training for your first race, the goal is just to finish. Get a few races under your belt, and your focus may change a little. It's very possible you may find that you want to beat your previous time. That's right, you may have the need - the need for speed! So [...]

runDisney Training – When Training Gets Tough

Training cycles can be long. There may even come a point where training gets downright hard. So how do you push through those runs that seem so tough? For starters, know that this happens to EVERY runner! Whether you have been running for months or years, every runner goes through a time where training gets [...]

runDisney Training – Training through the Holidays

Disclosure: Kohl's sent Megan clothes from their active line to review. She has been a Kohl's shopper for many years and is very excited to see that their activewear line is expanding! As always, all opinions are her own. The holidays. A time for family and friends to get together and celebrate. There are parties. [...]

runDisney Training – Jumping to the Next Distance

When your running journey begins, it usually starts small. You begin by training for a 5K. Then maybe you work toward a 10K. Next may be a 10-miler. But how do you know you are ready to tackle some of the longer distances? Here is a look at a few questions to ask yourself to [...]

All You Need to Know about the runDisney Dopey Challenge

In 2014, over 6100 runners participated in the greatest runDisney challenge yet - the Dopey Challenge. There may have been some blood, a few tears, a lot of sweat, but most importantly, there were most definitely smiles! So for those who are signed up for the 2015 Dopey Challenge, or are considering tackling this beast in [...]

runDisney Training – Training While Traveling

A normal race training cycle can be anywhere from eight to 20+ weeks. That can be a long time! And you can anticipate many things to pop up in a training cycle - appointments, meetings, or even travel and vacation. So how do you keep up with your training schedule while traveling? Recently Megan enjoyed a [...]