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The Great runDisney Corral Discussion

If there is one aspect of a runDisney race that brings out the not-so-fun side of runners, it's corral placement! So what exactly are these corrals and why do they cause such an uproar? Corrals are a way to "seed" runners and offer a staggered start to a race. As the popularity of runDisney grew, it [...]

runDisney Training – Jumping to the Next Distance

When your running journey begins, it usually starts small. You begin by training for a 5K. Then maybe you work toward a 10K. Next may be a 10-miler. But how do you know you are ready to tackle some of the longer distances? Here is a look at a few questions to ask yourself to [...]

All You Need to Know about the runDisney Dopey Challenge

In 2014, over 6100 runners participated in the greatest runDisney challenge yet - the Dopey Challenge. There may have been some blood, a few tears, a lot of sweat, but most importantly, there were most definitely smiles! So for those who are signed up for the 2015 Dopey Challenge, or are considering tackling this beast in [...]

runDisney Training – Training While Traveling

A normal race training cycle can be anywhere from eight to 20+ weeks. That can be a long time! And you can anticipate many things to pop up in a training cycle - appointments, meetings, or even travel and vacation. So how do you keep up with your training schedule while traveling? Recently Megan enjoyed a [...]

runDisney Training – What to Carry During a Long Run

When you first start your running journey, you are excited to get out on the road! Once you catch that running bug, your mileage becomes longer and longer. Suddenly just grabbing your running shoes isn't quite enough, as you need to prepare for hours on the road. For those training for the longer runDisney distances, [...]

A Guide to runDisney Race Etiquette

A runDisney race weekend is full of fun! From the Health and Fitness Expo to the after race celebrations, there are smiles all around! During the race itself, there is a lot to experience. Character meet and greets, DJs and music, running through the parks and even making new running friends along the way. However, with [...]

runDisney Training – Tips for Back-to-Back Runs

runDisney challenges continue to grow in popularity. From the 19.3 mile options to the 48.6 mile Dopey Challenge, there is a lot of training involved! The biggest aspect (along with the multiple early morning wake up calls) is preparing your body for the back-to-back runs. Adding these to your training is critical, as you learn [...]

runDisney Pre- and Post-Race Activity Roundup

When preparing for a runDisney race weekend, the focus tends to be on the race itself. After all, there is a lot of preparation and training involved! runDisney makes the race weekends even more magical by adding in special pre- and post-race activities. While none of these are mandatory (except the Health & Fitness Expo) [...]

runDisney Training – Preparing for a Night Race

With the Tower of Terror 10-Miler and Wine & Dine Half Marathon coming quickly, it is very common for runners to ask - how do I prepare to run at night? (Not to mention, 10 PM at night!) The good news is, if you have put in the training, you should be fine. However, here [...]

Behind-the Scenes-Tours at Walt Disney World

If you are a Disney enthusiast, a behind-the-scenes tour is a great way to celebrate your race achievement. Although it does mean more time on your feet, you will be able to experience the parks in a whole new way. There are over 15 tours to choose from throughout the four theme parks. From the [...]

runDisney Training – Hydration and Running

It can't be stated enough, when it comes to running, hydration is extremely important. Add in the heat and humidity during the summer months and the importance skyrockets even more! So how do you ensure that your body retains the right amount of hydration during a run? Here are a few tips we have learned [...]

To Park Hop or Not to Park Hop

A runDisney race weekend can be fast and furious. Between traveling, the Expo, the race and celebrating, there may not be a whole lot of time to hit the parks! So when determining your park plans, one question remains - to park hop or not to park hop? Ultimately, this decision depends on many factors. [...]

Garden View Tea Room – A runDisney Celebration

Looking for a unique way to celebrate your race accomplishment?  Afternoon Tea at the Grand Floridian Garden View Tea Room is a perfect way to celebrate in true style! The Garden View Tea room is located on the 1st floor just off the lobby.  This beautiful lounge is the location for the very elaborate My [...]

Top 10 Tips to Prepare for Race Day

No matter if it is your first or hundredth race, there are always a bit of race day nerves involved. Add in the excitement of a runDisney race and the butterflies are sure to be flying! Here are our tips to ensure that you are well prepared for your runDisney race day! 1. Train well. While it [...]

Resort Review – Animal Kingdom Lodge

Imagine waking up to the African savannah right outside your window. Sip on coffee as you watch giraffes and zebras roam outside your balcony. Listen to the beat of the drums as you walk through the gorgeous lobby. This, and more, is exactly what Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge offers! Located near Animal Kingdom theme park, [...]